About the Artist

Hi, my name is Connor Vernon, and I am a Character Designer and Comic Artist currently employed as a Render Wrangler at Nitrogen Studios, an animation studio located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

As a Character Designer, I work hard to develop my ideas into fully-formed renders which amplify particular characteristics of personality to the viewer. I am comfortable with Adobe Photoshop CS4, but I also enjoy simply working out my ideas on paper. I utilize a wide array of styles, but my main focus in recent years has been to improve my work in cartoons. In addition to this website, I run a weekly web comic called Natural 1, which can be found at the following link: www.natural1comic.com

I also have 3D Modelling skills, which I have developed through the Art Institute of Vancouver. My training outlines abilities related to Character Modelling and UV Texture Mapping. I can quickly and efficiently model in Maya any idea that is required, and my knowledge of proper texturing techniques make these models come alive.

I am extremely passionate about my art, and strongly desire a way to bring it to the world.