Connor Vernon
3955-206 Smith Avenue
Burnaby, B.C.
Tel: 604-432-9660
Mobile: 604-432-9660


  • Two year's experience as a Render Wrangler at Nitrogen Studios Canada Inc., with one year of experience as Senior Render Wrangler.
  • Experience using Qube to manage renders for a variety of departments, including VFX, Lighting/Composting, VUE, etc.
  • Keen understanding of job prioritization, and the importance of meeting deadline requirements.
  • Accustomed to working against heavy deadlines in high-stress work environments.
  • Extensive experience with teamwork and communication within a production company.
  • Possesses an excellent eye for spotting render errors for quality assurance purposes, as well as an understanding of common render issues, ie: hanging frames, problematic render machines, etc.
  • Experienced with documentation of daily duties, render issues, and error notification.
  • Diploma of Animation Art and Design from The Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby.


    Senior Render Wrangler, Nitrogen Studios Canada Inc., 2010 - Present
  • Worked with the Render team to effectively manage the Render Farm using Qube.
  • Took instruction from various department heads to ensure fast and efficient rendering of priority jobs for all departments simultaneously.
  • Used knowledge of basic scripting techniques to complete various render tasks; ie Resubmitting render jobs, pinging Qube server, migrating CPUs, etc.
  • Communicated render errors and other quality assurance concerns with relevant department heads and artists on a routine basis.
  • Working knowledge of Qube, Maya, RV, VNC, Adobe Photoshop, Word Processing Programs, Spreadsheets, etc..


  • Diploma of Animation Art and Design, The Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby B.C., 2008
  • High-school Diploma, Sardis Senior Secondary School, Chilliwack, B.C., 2006


Available upon request.

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